Shortzon is an URL shortening network.
We are the top URL Shortening network till date as we offer the highest CPM rates with daily payouts.
Our other features are listed below just have a look.

Create an Account

  1. Click on “Sign Up” from the upper-right side in the home page.
  2. You will see a simple form with 4 fields that you need to fill (Username, email address, password and confirm the password).
  3. Accept Terms & Conditions and click on the “submit button".
  4. Hurray!! You are Done.

Your account is activated and you can login to your account.

Shorten --> Share --> Earn


Shorten URLs

Login to your account. You would be able to see our URL shortener box at the top of the page. Simply paste or type your long URL and click on “Shorten”. Once the link is shortened, you can copy your short link and use it.

All your links analytics data are private and can be seen by you only. You can access your all short URLs data under “statistics” page available in menu.


Sharing of Short URLs

Click on the 'Manage Links' option from the menu and select 'All Links', from there you would be able to access all your URLs.
Copy any short URL that you want to share and paste it wherever you want - for example - Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Blogs, Websites, Forums, etc.



Sharing your Short URLs and earning money is not the only way to earn money with Shortzon. You can also refer new users to join Shortzon and earn money.
For each referral user you will receive 20% of their earnings.

Follow the following steps to refer anyone to Shortzon.
Go to the “referrals” tab, there you can see your unique referral link, share it with the one you want to refer us. You can also share your referral links on Social media sites with one click like Twitter, Goggle Plus, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.


Full Page Script

If you have a website with 100's or 1000's of links you want to change over to Shortzon then our Full Page Script can help you.
Click on 'Tools' from the menu and select 'Full Page Script'.
You could find the Full Page Script there.
Simply copy-and-paste the code on to the body section of your HTML code and the links will be shortened automatically! You can also include or exclude the domains that you want to shorten.


In order to withdraw your money your profile must be fully completed. If not, you can do this anytime. Fill all the required fields properly and correctly. 
Open the 'Withdraw' page from the menu, and if your minimum threshold is reached, make a withdrawal request. Your request will be processed as soon as possible. Just make sure that all details are correct.​​​​